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Black Vanilla Cafe Goa – A Cozy French Cafe in Panajim

Black Vanilla Cafe Goa

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Walking down the DB Road in Panjim, you can see a small French cafe located on the opposite side of Kala Academy Campal. A two-floored building with a yellow circular board engraved with the name – Black Vanilla Cafe.

In my 4-days trip to Goa, we explore a number of best restaurants & cafes in Goa and Black Vanilla Cafe is one of them. A quaint French cafe with beautiful interiors and a wide variety of options to savor upon.

Entrance - Black Vanilla Cafe Goa

I visited Goa in monsoon and trust me, Goa in monsoon is one of the best sights you can ever witness.

Coming back to Black Vanilla Cafe; as we entered the cafe, there was the billing counter on the right side and a display of loaves of bread and pastries and much more. We climbed the stairs and found a table for four in a corner and started looking at the menu.

Menu - Black Vanilla Cafe Goa

The cost of food at Black Vanilla Cafe was decent and as it was evening, we ordered cappuccinos and pastries for ourselves.

Looking at the display at those juicy, colorful pastries, we couldn’t control but ordering more than we were hungry. So, we ordered one Red Velvet pastry and one chocolate pastry along with four cappuccinos. 

Food - Black Vanilla Cafe Goa

In the meantime when our food was being prepared, I was showcasing my photography skills and clicking the pictures of the ambiance and other things. 

Lower Floor - Black Vanilla Cafe Goa

Staircase - Black Vanilla Cafe Goa

Interior - Black Vanilla Cafe Goa

French Window - Black Vanilla Cafe Goa

There was also a cute small bookshelf with a few books where I found a small book with the title – F**K THIS SHIT! And then the game began. 

Book Shelf - Black Vanilla Cafe Goa

So, Greeshma, Gauri, and Narendran (my trip partners) were sitting and chatting and I was busy reading the quotes from the book.

Suddenly, there was a moment where they were teasing me for something and I started replying from the quotes of the book, which was savage as F**K like the book. 

Book - Black Vanilla Cafe Goa

Below are a few glimpses of the quotes from the book!

Page 1 - Black Vanilla Cafe Goa

Page 2 - Black Vanilla Cafe Goa

Page 3 - Black Vanilla Cafe Goa

Page 4 - Black Vanilla Cafe Goa

Page 5 - Black Vanilla Cafe Goa

Page 6 - Black Vanilla Cafe Goa

Finally, when our order arrived, the mandatory photo session began. You can see the cameras rolling from top of the pastry, the bottom of the pastry, right, left and from every possible direction. 

Pastries - Black Vanilla Cafe Goa

Well, when finally the photo session was over, we started to eat those beautiful juicy pastries and believe me – the first bite of it and we had foodgasms. They were so delicious that we couldn’t control but finish up everything. 

So, yes, an evening spent at the Black Vanilla Cafe in Goa will always be memorable for us.

Window - Black Vanilla Cafe Goa

This was the short review of Black Vanilla Cafe by me. If you have more suggestions or reviews about this beautiful French Cafe, please let me know in comments.

And yes, before you leave, there is one with the last one…..

Toilet - Black Vanilla Cafe Goa


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