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Infantaria Cafe – A Kickass Breakfast Place in Goa

If you are in search of a mind-boggling breakfast place near Calangute, look no further than the Infantaria Cafe.

Located on the Calangute – Baga road and opposite to Ticlo Resort, Infantaria serves a wide variety of options not only for breakfast but also for the lunch, dinner and other small munchies. 

From the continental breakfast combos to Indian delicacies and from Chinese cuisine to mouth-watering seafood, the menu of Infantaria Cafe has it all. 

Reaching Infantaria is not difficult, you can easily find the way on Google Maps no matter where you are in Goa. 

We reached Infantaria at around 9.30 AM and after going through the menu, I ordered the continental breakfast combo, which looked fulfilling and delicious.

Menu of Infantaria Goa - Infantaria Cafe Goa

Breakfast Menu at Infantaria Goa

When the breakfast was served, my food plate looked something like this.

Continental Breakfast - Infantaria Goa

It had sunny side up, sausages & salami, potato and tomato, and baked beans.

It was accompanied by fresh fruit juice, tea or cappuccino, toast, butter & Jam. You can choose juice of your choice from the menu provided to you

Though the Infantaria Cafe timings are from morning 7.30 AM to midnight, breakfast is only served from 7.30 AM to 12 Noon.

Overall, the dining experience at Infantaria Cafe was an amazing one. I strongly recommend everyone to visit this beautiful cafe in Calangute on their visit to Goa.

If you have more suggestions of beautiful cafes in Goa or anything else you want to share, please let me know in comments. 🙂

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