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Luwak Coffee – A Poopelicious Coffee From Bali

Luwak Coffee Bali - Everything You Need To Know About Luwak Coffee
‘A yawn is a silent scream for COFFEE…!!! 

Every coffeeholic out there will agree to this. A cup of coffee in the morning, a cup in the afternoon & a cup in the evening and life’s sorted.

There are people who LOVE coffee; there are people who LOVE tea and then there’s me – I LOVE BOTH! EQUALLY 😛

YAAA!!! You heard it right. 

So, my journey to the beautiful province of BALI made me taste authentic Balinese coffees and teas. One of the most special drinks that I had in Bali was THE LUWAK COFFEE, which is famous for being the most expensive coffee in the world. 

Where an average cup of coffee might cost you somewhere between $3 to $5, a cup of Luwak Coffee costs between $35 to $100 in a regular coffee shop.

But what makes it so special and costly? This blog is dedicated to the details of Luwak Coffee or Kopi Luwak and my experience drinking the costliest coffee in the world. 

What Is Luwak Coffee And How Is It Made? – A Gist

Before starting with my experience of Luwak Coffee, let’s have a summary about what is this Luwak Coffee and why is it so costly?

Luwak Coffee OR Civet Coffee OR Kopi Luwak is produced by the coffee beans, which are digested by Civet Cat also known as Palm Civet.

Luwak Coffee with Cookies - Guide To Luwak Coffee Bali

Therefore, this is named as Kopi Luwak where Luwak is Civet Cat and Kopi means Coffee in the Indonesian language.

If we look at the production process in a gist, the coffee cherries, which have fallen from the coffee plants are consumed by the Luwaks. After around 24 hours, the undigested coffee beans are defecated by the cat, which is collected, cleaned and roasted to make Kopi Luwak. 

It is this long and tedious process of production, which makes Kopi Luwak so costly and special.

My Experience With Luwak Coffee

Tasting Luwak Coffee was on my list of things to do in Bali, but we did not have any particular spot as where we will taste it. Reason being, Bali is extremely famous for this civet coffee and there are various organic farms throughout Bali that provide its tastings.

Luckily, on the very first day of our exploration of Bali, we stumbled upon one such farm while coming back from the Tegalalang Rice Field. 

Just before the entrance of the farm, there was a dedicated staff, which takes you to a guided tour of the farm.

One sweet girl from the staff came to us and asked if we would like to have a tour. It was FREE OF COST!

We were as shocked as you are right now whilst reading it. Anyway! We accepted the offer and commenced our tour.

A small entrance to the premises opened up to a beautiful and large farm.

Civet Cats - Guide To Luwak Coffee Bali

Civet Cat inside the Organic Farm

As we entered the farm, our guide introduced us to beautiful Civet Cats or Luwaks. They were beautiful and sweet, sitting quietly and munching on coffee berries.

After a brief introduction about civet cats, our guide took us to the spot where a detailed demonstration of Kopi Luwak’s production takes place.

Detailed Production Process of Luwak Coffee

As per our guide:

The first step includes the consumption of coffee cherries by civet cats. Not only civet cats consume coffee cherries, but they choose to eat the best quality cherries, which comes as an advantage in the production of coffee.

It takes around 24 hours to digest and defecate coffee beans for the civet cats. Once they’re done, their poop is collected which has infused coffee beans and is washed properly multiple times.

Defecated Luwak Coffee - Guide To Luwak Coffee Bali

Followed by the washing of coffee beans, they are kept under sunlight so that they can dry properly. Then the outer skin is peeled off from beans and washed again.

Peeled Luwak Coffee - Guide To Luwak Coffee Bali

Peeled Luwak Beans

The next step includes roasting of coffee beans properly until turned brown. It is a long process and takes a thorough roasting of coffee beans. 

Roasting Luwak Coffee - Guide To Luwak Coffee Bali

Roasting of Coffee

Once roasted, they are pounded and pounded until crushed completely. Aftermath they are filtered to get the pure powdered Luwak Coffee. If there are still beans left intact, they are crushed again.

Pounding of Coffee - Guide To Luwak Coffee Bali

The final product is then packed in beautiful containers or packages for the customers.

Final Luwak Coffee - Guide To Luwak Coffee Bali

Tasting Of Luwak Coffee

After acquainting ourselves with the detailed process of the production, it was the time to taste this poopelicious coffee. 

There was a dedicated counter for tasting. 

However, it was not just the tasting for Kopi Luwak but also 14-types of teas. 

14 Flavoured Teas Tasting - Guide To Luwak Coffee Bali

14 Flavoured Teas

The tasting of teas was FREE OF COST and you can totally opt for that. But if you want to taste the Kopi Luwak, a single cup of coffee cost 50,000IDR

Because I wanted to taste Kopi Luwak and hence, we ordered two cups of coffee and the remaining 14-flavored teas. 

I would say the trick worked. I mean how can you not taste Luwak Coffee when you have specifically come for it. 

Anyway! The coffee was pretty nice. It was less bitter as compared to the normal ones and the taste was good. It has a unique aroma with being nutty and earthy. Moreover, Kopi Luwak is less acidic than normal coffee and is smooth and strong too.  

Tasting of Kopi Luwak - Guide To Luwak Coffee Bali

You might also experience a chocolaty after taste whilst tasting the coffee. Also, the coffee beans are medium-roasted to preserve its aroma and flavor. 

In the end, our sweet guide took us to there shop where they were selling the coffees and teas and if we are interested to buy some. We paid the amount of 100,000IDR for two cups of coffee and then bid adieu to everyone.

So, this was my experience of tasting the most expensive coffee in the world.

Our Guide - Guide To Luwak Coffee Bali

I would say – you MUST experience Luwak Coffee if you get the chance because at the end – it is all about the experiences and tasting the most expensive coffee in the world is worth experiencing. 🙂

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