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Oregano Cafe & Bar in Batam Islands

Oregano Cafe & Bar Batam Islands Indonesia

Food in Batam Islands is one of the many reasons people visit this beautiful paradise. The island has various food stalls lined up on the footpath, selling a wide variety of seafood and authentic Indonesian cuisines like Nasi Goreng, etc. or some awesome cafes & bars where you can enjoy live music over a couple of drink and sumptuous cuisines. One such beautiful cafe & bar in Batam Islands is the Oregano Cafe & Bar. 

During my recent visit to Singapore, I also visited the beautiful Batam Islands, which are just 45-minutes of ferry ride away from Singapore. 

Read about my visit to Batam Islands where I have shared my experience of the journey. 

About Oregano Cafe & Bar

The Oregano Cafe & Bar is located near the Nagoya Hill Hotel and Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall. It is a beautiful three floors cafe & bar in Batam. The ground floor is a dedicated cafe with covered with sofas and bean bags along with a small display area filled with delicious pastries, cakes and much more. You can sit and relax and have conversations with your friends or can finish your work on a laptop. The cafe offers a high-speed unlimited wifi to all of its guests.

Entrance - Oregano Cafe & Bar Batam Islands Indonesia

Ground Floor - Oregano Cafe & Bar Batam Islands Indonesia

Reception - Oregano Cafe & Bar Batam Islands Indonesia

The second floor is the place where you can enjoy some great live music with some really nice drinks. Yes, the second floor has a bar counter and a small stage where musicians perform live. And the third floor is a large space and hence if you are in a group large group and want some space for yourself, the third floor is the place to go. However, in some space, you cannot smoke but apart from that smoking is allowed everywhere.

Sitting Area Ground Floor - Oregano Cafe & Bar Batam Islands Indonesia

Outdoor Seating - Oregano Cafe & Bar Batam Islands

The Oregano Cafe & Bar also has the outdoor seatings in its coffee shop, bar area and on the 3rd floor. So if you want to enjoy the fresh air whilst having your drinks and having great food, you can grab a seat in its open area.

Food at Oregano Cafe & Bar

Food at Oregano Cafe & Bar was delicious and decently priced. During my visit to the cafe, I ordered Kwetiau Goreng Ayam, which tasted a little like Pad Thai only and was rice noodles with seafood, chicken, and veggies. Apart from this, I had long island ice and Bintang beer. And my friend Ajay had Fu Yung Hai, which was a vegetarian dish with veggies and rice and whose taste I do not remember. 

Kewtiau Goreng Ayam - Oregano Cafe & Bar Batam Islands Indonesia

Damage - Oregano Cafe & Bar Batam Islands Indonesia

Our total damage was IDR 244,200, which is around USD 20. Generally, I liked the cafe not only because of its food and drinks but also because of its beautiful ambiance, service, and location. 

Bintang Beer- Oregano Cafe & Bar Batam Islands Indonesia

So, whenever you visit Batam Islands, do not forget to visit the Oregano Cafe & Bar. You can easily find it just beside the Nagoya Hill Hotel. 

Let me know in the comments if you know any other good places to eat and enjoy the nightlife in Batam! 

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