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6 Best Restaurants And Cafes In Goa For The Foodie In You

Restaurants And Cafes in Goa

There is an endless list of restaurants and cafes in Goa where you can embark on an endless culinary journey to experience the best of it. From cozy cafes to iconic restaurants, serving delicious Goan cuisines, Goa has it all.

My motto for every trip, no matter where I go, is to explore places, restaurants and try a wide variety of cuisines. 

From North Goa to South Goa, whether it’s just a shack on the way or a fancy restaurant or a cafe, I gobbled down food whenever I saw one. 

Out of a vast list, here I present six restaurants and cafes in Goa that MUST be on your to-visit list

So, read on and embark on a delicious food experience of Goa.

6 Best Restaurants And Cafes In Goa For The Foodie In You

1. Black Vanilla Cafe, Panjim

Black Vanilla Cafe Panjim - Cafes in goa

Important Info:

  • Zomato Rating:  4.1
  • Cost for two: 700 (approx)
  • Timings: 8 AM to 11 PM
  • Address: S-4, Ground Floor, Landscape Excelsior, Compal, Panjim, Goa, 403001

Located on the banks of Mandovi river in Panjim is a cozy French Cafe called the Black Vanilla Cafe.

Bakery at Black Vanilla Cafe - Cafes in Goa

With a zomato rating of 4.1, Black Vanilla Cafe is an ideal place to sip in a hot cup of latte or espresso with your friends and enjoy a wide variety of cupcakes, croissants, pastries and much more. 

What to eat in Black Vanilla Cafe Panjim- Cafes in Goa

Black Vanilla cafe is one of the most beautiful cafes of Panjim with aesthetic interiors and full of games and books to spend a relaxing time, especially during rains.

Read a detailed review of Black Vanilla Cafe and plan a visit on your next trip to Goa.

2. Black Sheep Bistro, Panjim

Black Sheep Bistro Entrance - Restaurants in Goa

Important Info:

  • Zomato Rating:  4.8
  • Cost for two: 1500 for two (approx)
  • Timings: 12 noon to 1 AM
  • Address: The Black Seep Bistro, Swami Vivekanand Rd, Altinho, Panaji, Goa 403001

Second, in the list of to-visit cafes and restaurants in Goa is Black Sheep Bistro.

Located on the Swami Vivekanand Road in downtown Panjim, Black Sheep Bistro is the place where Goa meets West

Yes, you heard it right! The bistro excels in serving its customers a great amalgamation of locally invented Goan cuisines with western delicacies. 

Prawns Stroganoff and Kaju Feni Black Sheep Bistro Panjim

Prawns Stroganoff & Kaju Feni

Housed in an old Portuguese styled mansion, Black Sheep Bistro not only serves delicious food but also caters to a wide variety of great wines and cocktails in a welcoming atmosphere. 

During my visit to the Black Sheep Bistro, I tried their Kaju Feni and Prawns Stroganoff, which tasted out of this world. 

I strongly recommend visiting this awesome bistro in Panjim to everyone.

3. Martin’s Corner, Betalbatim, South Goa

Martin's Corner Review - Restaurants in goa

Important Info:

  • Zomato Rating:  4.6
  • Cost for two: 1600 (approx)
  • Timings: 11.30 AM to 3.30 PM, 6.30 PM to 11.30 PM
  • Address: 69, Binwaddo, Betalbatim, Goa 403713

After exploring restaurants in Panjim, let’s head towards South Goa.

Snuggled in a picturesque backdrop in Betalbatim, Martin’s Corner is the best place in South Goa to savor upon authentic Goan food

Martin's Corner Restaurant - Restaurants in Goa

Dining area at Martin’s Corner

Trust me on this, your visit to Goa is incomplete if you do not eat at Martin’s Corner. 

Once a small restaurant with four tables, serving snacks and cold drinks to kids, Martin’s Corner, today, is a fully serviced restaurant catering to people from around the world. 

Martin's Corner Detailed Review

The beautiful and simplistic ambiance at Martin’s Corner offers a great menu, which includes Goan, Indian, Tandoori, Continental, Oriental and is specialized in serving Seafood. It also boasts an impressive bar menu. 

During my visit to Martin’s Corner, I tried Shark with white rice, and Bebinca – an Indo-Portuguese dessert, which has 7-layers – was served with vanilla ice-cream.

Bebinca at Martin's Corner - Cafes and Restaurants in Goa

Bebinca at Martin’s Corner

I tried a shark for the first time and if you ask me the taste – it was a bit tangy and the curry was too spicy. But a worth trying experience it was.

4. Pousada by the Beach, Calangute

Interiors of Pousada by the Beach Calangute - Cafes in Goa

Sunset from Pousada by the Beach, Calangute

Important Info:

  • Zomato Rating:  4.9
  • Cost for two: 2500 (approx)
  • Timings: 11 AM to 7 PM
  • Address: Holiday Street, Gaura Vaddo, Calangute Goa

Pousada by the Beach was an unplanned but one of the best discoveries during my Goa trip. Located on the calmer side of Calangute Beach, it was like a wish come true for me. 

Grilled Chicken at Pousada by the Beach calangute - Cafes in Goa

Herbed Grilled Chicken

I had an idea about spending an evening at such a beach-side restaurant where the beach is empty and the only sound I can hear is of waves. Pousada by the Beach, with Zomato rating of 4.9, is undoubtedly the place. 

As you enter the place, you are welcomed with two cute Labradors named chai and biscuitThe restaurant’s owner is the chef who welcomed us with a big smile. 

Food at Pousada by the Beach Calangute - Cafes in Goa

A little on the costlier side, Pousada by the Beach is pure luxury. A perfect place to enjoy food and a beer whilst watching a beautiful sunset on the horizon. 

Pousada by the Beach serves a wide variety of seafood, Portuguese, Goan, and Kokan delicacies along with beers and cocktails. During my visit to Pousada by the Beach, I had Sev Delight, grilled Prawns, which were served with rice and salad, and Herbed Grilled chicken also served with rice and salad.

Overall, visiting Pousada by the Beach at Calangute was an experience or I should say a LUXURY EXPERIENCE.

5. Infantaria

Infantaria Cafe Baga - Cafes in Goa

Important Info:

  • Zomato Rating:  4.1
  • Cost for two: 800 (approx)
  • Timings: 7.30 AM to 12 AM
  • Address: 5/181, Calangute Baga Junction, Baga, Goa

Admit it, Calangute and Baga are the two of the most favorite places of people visiting Goa.

Adding one more reason to your list to stay at Baga is Infantaria Cafe.

A kickass breakfast place in Baga to soothe your tastebuds. A plate full of sausages, bacon, croissants, and what not; breakfast at Infantaria Cafe is so much fulfilling. 

Breakfast at Infantaria Cafe Baga - Cafes in Goa

However, Infantaria Cafe not only serves breakfast but everything. From breakfast to lunch to dinner and it also has a dedicated bar menu, if you want to have a few cold ones. 

Read my breakfast story of Infantaria Cafe and decide whether you would like to gobble down food here or not.

6. George Restaurant & Bar

George Restaurant & Bar - Restaurant and Cafes in goa

Important Info:

  • Zomato Rating:  3.6
  • Cost for two: 700 (approx)
  • Timings: 12.30 PM - 3.30 PM, 6.30 PM to 10.45 PM
  • Address: Near Mary immaculate Church, Municipal Gardens, Panaji, Goa

George Restaurant & Bar is undoubtedly one of the best places in Panjim to have authentic Goan food.

Unlike many fancy restaurants and cafes in Panjim, for example, Black Sheep Bistro, Fisherman’s Wharf, etc., George Restaurant & Bar is a pretty decent and simple eatery.  It has normal indoor seating and is open for lunch and dinner. The restaurant serves Goan, seafood, North Indian and Chinese. 

A few of the dishes that I had here were Chicken Xacuti, an authentic Goan chicken curry; Fish Balchao, a tangy and spicy Goan dish along with fried rice. Every dish was perfectly cooked and tasted like heaven! I surely had a foodgasm whilst eating. 

Basically, going to George Restaurant & Bar and not tasting authentic Goan delicacies can be counted as a SIN! 😛

Summing It Up

So, this is the list of some of the best restaurants and cafes of Goa, which you MUST try. 

I know the list is endless and covering it up in a single blog is almost impossible. Hence, I’ve tried to jot down some, which I feel, are the best ones.

If you know any other amazing Goan cafe or restaurant, please let me know in comments. I would definitely love to visit those on my next visit to Goa. 🙂

Share your views!


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