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Ubud Art Market: A Detailed Guide For Every Street Shopper In Bali

Ubud Art Market Bali Guide

Though the list of things to do in Bali is endless, what you cannot miss is exploring Ubud Art Market.

A long line of shops on either side of the street, selling laudable Balinese items, the art market of Ubud is definitely a paradise for every street shopper.

During my 9-days long trip to Bali, I spent four days in Ubud. On one of the days, we took a break from our sightseeing schedule and slowed down a little.

On this day, I had an authentic 2-hours Balinese massage only for IDR 200,000 (which is INR 900 OR USD 14), had a frappe at one of the most beautiful Starbucks near Puri Saraswati Temple and explored Jalan Raya Ubud.

Starbucks Puri Saraswati Ubud - Ubud Art Market Bali Guide

Starbucks – Puri Saraswati Temple, Ubud

Jalan Raya Ubud or the main street of Ubud is home to umpteen beautiful cafes and restaurants, tourist destinations like Puri Saraswati Temple and Ubud Palace, and much more.

Just a few meters ahead of Ubud Palace lies one of the most famous art markets of Bali – Ubud Art Market.

Though shopping is not Ubud’s specialty, its location amidst umpteen art and craft communities makes the art market one of the best places to buy Bali souvenir during your trip.

A Detailed Guide To Ubud Art Market

Referred to as Pasar Seni Ubud’, the art market is a hub for local craftsmen from nearby villages to showcase and sell their art and crafts to the tourists. 

Bali Souvenirs - Ubud Art Market Bali Guide

The products sold at Ubud Art Market are of high artistic values when compared to other art markets in Bali.

From silk scarves and handmade bags to statues and kites, the art market is THE place to buy authentic Balinese stuff. 

Timings & Best Time To Explore The Market

The Ubud art market opens daily from 8 AM to 6 PM

To get the best out of the art market, it is advisable to reach as early as possible. Not only because of the less crowd but also to buy the products at a cheaper price. Early in the morning, there are high possibilities for sellers to offer you a reasonable price for their products.

Handmade artifacts - Ubud Art Market Bali Guide

It is a superstition in Bali to sell something as early as possible in the morning. Hence, try to hit the market early in the morning and enquire for Harga pagi, meaning MORNING PRICE. Although, in the end, it depends on your bargaining skills. 

You heard it right! Bargaining is a YES YES!!!!

Of course, be nice when you negotiate. Every shopkeeper knows that the customer WILL negotiate and hence, don’t be scared and quote a price around 30-40 percent less the offered price. 

If you want and you’re lucky, you might also quote and get the product at 50 percent of the original price. However, please do not change the price once the seller is agreed on your quoted price. Not good manners Right?

How Much Time Do You Need To Explore Ubud Art Market?

Minimum one-hour to 2-hours, I would say.

The name of the street where the art market is located is Jalan Karna.

Jalan Karna - Ubud Art Market Bali Guide

The street is only accessible on foot and hence, you can easily spare around 2-hours strolling and shopping for your favorite Bali souvenir. Not only the street, but there are also a few small buildings, which have shops selling authentic Balinese products.

What To Buy From Ubud Art Market?

‘Shopping’ in the art market is not always about BUYING the product. Sometimes it is just about walking through the street from one stall to another and admiring the art and craftsmanship of talented Balinese people.

However, sometimes it is also about stopping yourself at every stall and buy every product you see. That’s what I felt during my visit to Ubud Art Market. 

If you ask me what to buy from Ubud Art Market, here is a list:

Cotton Sarongs, straw hats, gold & silver jewelry, crochets, basket bags, stackable storage boxes, kites, dream catchers, paintings, Bali souvenirs, and the list is endless. 

Handmade Bags - Ubud Art Market Bali Guide

Kites - Ubud Art Market Bali

During my exploration of the market, I witnessed some of the biggest dream catchers of my life. They were so beautiful, I wanted to take one home. But because of their size, I couldn’t. 

Dream Catcher - Ubud Art Market Guide Bali

My friend Gauri & Greeshma couldn’t stop themselves but to buy stuff for themselves and for their friends. 

Yes, I also bought a few souvenirs. 

Summing It Up

After exploring the Ubud Art Market for around 2-hours, we bid adieu to this beautiful and amazing place. 

Our shopping experience in the art market was a unique and unforgettable one. The colors and noises of the place were mesmerizing. Every shopkeeper at the Ubud Art Market was extremely friendly and polite. Even if you bargain with them, they keep a smiling face and negotiate with you. 

Guardians of Ubud Art Market - Ubud Art Market Bali Guide

Mostly they will agree to your quoted price, but there will be times when they won’t. And if they aren’t agreeing, it means they genuinely cannot go below that price and if you are still not satisfied with the price, you can deny the offer politely. 

Find Ubud Art Market On The Map

So, this was my experience of exploring Ubud Art Market.

If you have any suggestions or questions, please let me know in comments. 🙂

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